Goal, vision and mission

It is of great importance to Agri-Norcold A/S that we provide the best quality and service, and that our customers are fully satisfied with us as their preferred cold store supplier. A vital part of our strategic plan to 2015 is therefore maximal customer satisfaction, and a mission of 0 errors in order to create happy customers.

Through customer satisfaction surveys we acquire relevant knowledge about our customers' evaluation of the service we provide.That is partly one of the ways we strive to fulfill the desire of 0 complaints and errors. This can obviously not be possible without the best and most qualified employees. That is why our goal is also to become Denmark's best workplace in the cold store industry.

Employee assessments are one of the tools that help us get the best knowledge of our employees' job satisfaction.

Satisfied and qualified employees are helping to create a strong and healthy business.


- We have a goal to become the best logistics provider in the Cold Store industry in Europe.


"Become the preferred logistics partner in Europe in the Cold Store industry"


"No mistakes - it is the quality of work that matters - not the quantity"

Customer must be in the center with a focus on high quality service with great respect for the profitability and value creation for owners.


If we are to earn the respect and recognition we have as a goal, it is important that everyone knows what Agri-Norcold stands for. We have a huge responsibility when we as a company "take care of" customer goods, and they must trust that we solve the task.

All employees are a vital resource in Agri-Norcold, and we involve our employees continually more and more in the daily business and dialogue. We want our employees have a good job, they are proud of and want to speak well of at home with the family.