Human Resources

In Agri-Norcold A/S we are constantly looking for the best people, both when it comes to the professional and personal. We greatly appreciate the active, independent, enterprising and responsible employees who dare to take challenges and are able to solve the tasks.

We must be able to accommodate and meet customer expectations and requirements, and therefore it is important that all employees focus on the customers at all times.

The working environment is characterized by an informal and relaxed atmosphere and the culture is characterized by a strong commitment and good cooperation between all departments.

HRD & Education

In addition, we want to ensure the right employee in the right place and ongoing training where appropriate. We will retain employees in the boom and ensure that all employees know the Agri-Norcolds spirit and culture.

What do we do?

We achieve active, independent, enterprising and responsible employees who dare to take challenges. Employees who are able to get the job done, and who know that good customer service is the foundation for Agri-Norcold no matter where in the organization you work.


While we at Agri-Norcold A/S wishes to have the most satisfied and happy employees, we have an annual employee survey, in order to follow up on employees' wishes and listen to their individual needs.

At a high employee satisfaction, we get motivated employees that have an influence on everyday life in their workplace. All make an extra effort and are proud of their workplace, which in turn creates great external customer satisfaction.