Energy Policy

As the energy consumption is a substantial factor amounting to 15% of the turnover, the energy policy of Agri Norcold A/S applies for the power and heat consumption of all the cold stores.

In 2003 we have implemented a certified BVQI energy management system based on the energy policy referred to below.

It is the energy policy of Agri-Norcold continuously to optimise the energy consumption, and reduce the use of energy and CO2.

Agri-Norcold commit to comply with relevant legislation and regulatory requirements within the energy area.

The energy system is every year certified by DANAK.

The energy management comprises the following branches: Agri-Norcold A/S - Aalborg, Hasselager, Hobro, Mors, Tilst, Padborg, Vejen and Vamdrup.