Quality is an indisputable competitive parameter. Therefore Agri-Norcold does everything possible to provide its customers with high quality standards that are fully in line with their requirement specifications.

Working closely with its customers, Agri-Norcold draws up clearly defined quality standards and requirements that must be met. Customer requirements are always the focal point of this process.

Agri-Norcold plays a particular responsible role in this process. The company is the last link before a product is distributed to the customer's customers. As such, Agri-Norcold staff consider themselves as key links in the distribution - chain in fact as guarantors for seeing to it that products are delivered in perfect condition, at the right time, in the correct quantities, and correctly labelled. In fact, just-in-time, not to mention in accordance with current legislation, veterinary standards etc.

Agri-Norcold A/S has built up quality standards based on HACCP principles, which is approved by Danish Veterinary Authorities, that embraces every step of the process from goods reception through freezing, storage and hand-over, to final delivery outside Denmark's borders. Every member of staff has undergone training in this quality assurance programme.

Agri-Norcold possesses Denmark's largest handling capacity and the most extensive body of know-how in dealing with both seasonal and peak-period situations.